Hi guys,

Just walked through your tutorial and there's a couple of bugs / points of improvement:

1 - One of the first steps is to show the inifinity by double clicking the about board and showing that you can create as many layers as you like. However, when I double clicked the board it showed the sidebar. Double clicking it again doesn't change anything.

2 - The next step in the tutorial is to actually show that sidebar, but when I get asked to close the sidebar it is impossible because there's a 'skip tutorial'-button hovering over it. And I do want to follow the tutorial. I had to go into the code inspector to solve this :-).

3 - In the end I get asked to invite team members and then the tutorial stops all of a sudden. I would be better to sign-off the tutorial there and leave it to the customer to go on exploring, perhaps even give a few options (go to page / create new project / etc) to choose from.

Product looks promising, so good luck!

Best, Jasper